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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Alright, It’s been decided. I’m going to start a Manga collection and review the ones I read right here. First off the bat is Mirai Nikki a.k.a Future Diary.

I first head about this series only recently, while reading one of Dustin’s posts on Yin no Piano. He was discussing his thoughts on the character Yuno from the series.

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*Sigh* Having just watched the second last episode for the current season of Railgun, I’m left quivering in excitement and anticipation of the final piece of the story.

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Well, what to say?

I suppose I should start with welcome. You have now entered the domain of the Man in the Mind, my mind to be exact. As to what you shall find here, well we’ll work that one out together.

Please take your time and look around. This will be the home of many of the ramblings, thoughts and ideas of the Man, so enjoy!