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*Sigh* Having just watched the second last episode for the current season of Railgun, I’m left quivering in excitement and anticipation of the final piece of the story.

Episode 23: “Right now, what do you see” was brilliant. Throughout the first 10 minutes of the episode the suspicious motives of Telestina were reinforced. One particular moment in the opening scene is when she brings Erii to see the unconscious Banri; this seems to be almost an act of compassion on Telestina’s part, until we get the closeup shot of what could on be called an evil smirk on her face. From that moment on, it became absolutely clear that she was up to no good… at least to us viewers. Also, further down the track we see her show her true colors to Uiharu and Harumi when they attempt to see Erii and provide data that could speed up the curing process.

Firstly, after flat out refusing to let them see any of the children, Telestina goes further and breaks the USB drive holding the data. At this point we learn who she truly is; the granddaughter of the “Mad Scientist” Gensei Kihara: Telestina Kihara Lifeline. Needless to say, after figuring this out our one and only Railgun decides to take Telestina on, in an attempt to put a stop to whatever scheme she may have.

When she arrives, the children are being transported out of the hospital inside trucks marked with the MAR symbols, and after questioning Telestina on her objectives, the fight is on. In essence, it doesn’t go very well; after have a new and improved version of Skill Down used on her, Mikoto is no match for the suited-up Telestina, and is promptly defeated and rendered unconscious. I call hacks, our wonderful level 5 lost simply because of hacks, that’s my view and I’m sticking to it.

Before she can be taken away to be used as a lab-rat by Telestina, Mikoto is rescued by one of the least likely heroines the series has; Mitsuko Kongou, the fan wielding, high talking ojo-chan who was one of the victims of Jufuki Miho (the eyebrow girl).

After waking in bed and regaining her bearings, Mikoto begins to set off again, blaming herself for all the misfortunes happening at the moment and determined to solve them herself. She is stopped however by Ruiko Saten and realizes that everyone is worried about her. Thinking this over, she apologizes to them all and they begin to form a plan together, working as a team.

We the viewers are left with Mikoto and fiends in the judgement building putting together a plan whilst Harumi follows the trucks with the children inside. Not even a sneak preview of the final ep is given, all we know is the title: Dear my friends. Oooh chills, if you haven’t seen this series by now, your missing out.

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