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As you all may be well aware, the man upstairs hasn’t had many thoughts in the last few months, what with being rather busy doing life stuff and work and such. If you’ve been following us for a while, then first let me apologize for the lack of action here at Its All About The Books, I guess you could say we’re still finding our feet. But fear not! We have yet another addition to this little corner of the internet – Unite 2010. Some of you may remember an earlier post about the Unity3D engine – what it was and what it does. Well, within the next three weeks the Unite 2010 conference is being held in Montreal, Canada.

I suppose I should explain; Unite is a rather new but nevertheless successful endeavor by the developers of Unity3D that aims to bring the ever-growing community of Unity Developers, small and big name companies, and the general Unity community together to share, discuss and network. They also occasionally make surprise announcements such as the mention of the now-released Unity 3.0 from Unite 2009 last year. Some of the companies that make an appearance are triple A giants such as EA and publishers like Activision; so as you can tell Unity is causing quite a stir of interest in the gaming world.

Now to the point. From the 10th of November, the man shall be bringing you all regular updates and details about the goings on inside and around the Unite 2010 conference! The conference is being held from the 10th to the 12th of November, and therefore we shall be dedicating a section of the site to keeping you all informed, so look out for it and enjoy reading!


Most of you should be aware of who Miku Hatsune is; the cute, twin-tail android sales character and voice of the synthesizer program Vocaloid2…

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