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Race: Minmatar

Birthplace: Nomad class jump-frigate “Crawel”

Birth Name: Hakanatha Lostalas Esteric

Tribal Name: Worldbearer

Age: 27

Occupation: Miner (Current)

Ship: Retriever class mining barge (Hayate)

History to Date:
Born into a small tribe on the outskirts of Minmatar space, Hakanatha spent the first 25 years of his life roaming the stars with his clan aboard the Nomad class vessel “Crawel”. With a love for mechanical things, he soon found tinkering with the limited technology on the Crawel to be less than satisfying, wishing instead for something new and exciting to fiddle with. So at the age of 19 he began the brutal training required to become a Capsuleer, and six years later he was presented with his own pod and a small ship, his dreams of exploring the vast expanses of space, and the technologies it held, soon to be a reality. Before leaving the Crawel, the Tribal leader bestowed upon Hakanatha a new name in recognition of his departure from his home: Worldbearer.

For the next 2 years, Worldbearer traveled from system to system doing odd jobs both in space and planet-side, scraping together enough ISK to live and maintain his ship. Throughout his time roaming, he picked up invaluable knowledge about various tech, oft incorporating modified versions into his vessel and pod, and the engineering and maintenance skills he learned while working aboard various space stations helped to keep his ship in tip-top condition. Finally, again tired of the limit to the technology he could tinker with due to his lack of funds, Worldbearer set out to begin making a decent living.

Initially restricted by his trusty but terribly outdated ship and its capabilities, Worldbearer began down the path of the lucrative mining industry. With the riches provided by selling raw minerals on the market, he would be easily capable of obtaining various new technologies to study and modify. After working hard and learning the skills necessary to pilot a more capable ship, he quickly moved from his Reaper class vessel to the more durable Thrasher destroyer class ship. After retro-fitting the Slasher with various mining and support equipment, he set off once again into the asteroid fields.

It was during one such trip that he happened to stumble upon an experienced Caldari pilot named Hari Elexios. Fully aware of the history between the Minmatar and Caldari, he was at first apprehensive and cautious of the pilot and ready to flee should the man show any signs of aggression. Shortly after though, Worldbearer received a hail over comms from the ship and after opening a channel and beginning discussion with Hari, he soon found the man to be quite pleasant, so much so that a deal was struck up between the two: should Worldbearer ever need assistance, Hari would be happy to oblige. In return, Hari would receive a cut of the profits Worldbearer made. This business deal would later prove invaluable to Worldbearer as the near future held many a misfortune for the Capsuleer.

Up until his meeting with Hari, Worldbearer had only ever conducted his mining operations in High-Sec space. It wasn’t long however, before he began traveling with Hari from system to system. After one particular journey he ended up in the Low-Sec space of the outer reaches of Minmatar space: 0.3 space. Being a risky area to stay in even if you had a good ship, he should have returned to High-Sec, but the riches waiting in the untouched asteroid fields proved too much of a temptation, and so cautiously he began his operations again. Moving from asteroid field to asteroid field in an attempt to find a pirate-less goldmine was a long and tedious process, but after persevering he finally discovered a few locations devoid of life. During his operations in 0.3 space, Worldbearer had many a close-call with various pirates, even having both the privilege and misfortune of seeing a Stealth Bomber up close, but still his desire for technology grew, and with it his quest for ISK. Against the advice of Hari, Worldbearer soon continued deeper into Low-Sec space, going so far as to reach the asteroid fields of 0.1 space. The rich and rare minerals here were enough of an incentive to keep him there, and this is when the first of many misfortunes occurred.

During one trip into the fields where he had discovered a particularly abundant group of Glazed Hedbergite asteroids, an unfamiliar Capsuleer named Ven Phenom happened to warp in upon him. Concentrating upon the wealth before him, Worldbearer failed to realize the danger he was in. Ven soon spotted Worldbearer and began to orbit the very-much-dwarfed Slasher in his mighty vessel. Suddenly, after the target warning systems began screaming at him, Worldbearer took notice of Ven and in a panic began trying to warp away, only to find his systems and warp-drive jammed. During a frantic effort to establish communication between himself and Ven, a single volley of withering gunfire was launched from the massive ship, cutting through the small Slasher’s shields and damaging its armor. Finally a connection was made and the massive ship temporarily ceased fire. After a short discussion, where it was made absolutely clear that he was a fool for mining in Low-Sec, Worldbearer began trying to return to High-Sec space, only to find that his drives were still jammed. This time, there would be no stopping the end: Ven said only one line, “I’ll help you get back to High-Sec”… and in a single moment the Thrasher and its valuable cargo were scattered to the solar winds. Luckily, the man was kind enough to refrain from slaying the now-defenseless Worldbearer, what’s more he transferred a sum of money to Worldbearer’s account to cover the cost of the Thrasher. Needless to say, Worldbearer took what assets he had left and got the hell out of Low-Sec.

After returning to High-Sec space with naught but a rookie ship and his wallet, Worldbearer was slightly at a loss for what to do. After perusing the market for a new ship, he happened to stumble upon the ORE mining barges, the perfect type of ship for his chosen profession. After comparing his available assets to the market prices of the barges, he quickly bought the skill books he would need and began studying once again. A week later, he called up Hari for the first time. Asking for a loan, he guaranteed the Caldari that he would return what he was loaned and then some. Hari agreed and soon Worldbearer was the proud owner of a Procurer class mining barge. This ship was the first he named, calling it “Hayate”, and hastily he headed out to the asteroid belts to bring in new wealth.

Weeks passed smoothly for Worldbearer, and he soon repaid Hari for his kindness. His free time was spent studying the more intricate details of spaceship command, mining barges and astrogeology in general – hoping to learn enough about his ship to tinker with it confidently. After a time he had amassed a rather large fortune, and his skills with the ORE vessels were sufficient enough to warrant moving on to the next largest barge, the Retriever class vessel. It was during this time that the second misfortune struck: whilst mining in 0.7 space one day, a Capsuleer by the name of Noxides warped into the same belt he was currently in. Because of the security level, Worldbearer was sure that this was nothing to be concerned about and so continued to mine away. Again however, the horrible sound of the targeting warning systems rang out, and unnerved by the ever-closing vessel, he tried to open a channel with the new pilot. A connection was established as the ship pulled up just short of the Hayate, and tentatively Worldbearer asked what the pilot could want. Without warning, all eight cannons on the ship blasted at the Hayate; from this range, it only took 2 cycles to shear through the Hayate’s shields, armor and hull, decimating the small barge and its cargo.

A stunned Worldbearer was left with naught but his pod as CONCORD arrived, and with one volley completely obliterated the enemy vessel. During this whole incident, the comms channel with Noxides was still open. Still in shock, he asked the pilot why they would do something so blatantly ridiculous, to which the reply was that they were bored and had many more ships like the one just destroyed. Still in disbelief, Worldbearer left the scene to pick up the Rookie ship his insurance company had transferred to his account. After returning to the scene and salvaging the wrecks, he was once again shocked as a sum of money equal to the value of the Hayate plus extra was added to his account by Noxides. On top of that, he was offered a ship of the same status and caliber of the one that he was just destroyed by, again by Noxides. A bewildered Worldbearer took this offer, and asked the pilot why. “Well, you were so chill about the whole thing, why not?” was the response offered. Grateful for the assets, but still slightly bitter about losing another ship, Worldbearer bid Noxides farewell and returned to the station. Once again he found himself perusing the markets, and discovered that he was just short of affording the Retriever class mining barge. Once again, he loaned from Hari and purchased a new ship – again he named it Hayate, and this time he intended to keep it.

Currently, Worldbearer has repaid his debt to Hari and is performing basic mining operations in High-Sec space. He still maintains contact with both Ven and Noxides, though not on a regular basis, and can oft be found making various business deals with Hari.

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