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For those of you who may be interested, I’ve added a new section to the site where you will find all the anime I have currently seen, am watching, or is in the pipeline to be watched. If you have suggestions or recommendations for addition series, please post a comment about it. You can find the new page here.

For those that have been following me since the beginning, you may remember a review I posted about the Manga series Mirai Nikki (Future Diary), A series I thoroughly enjoyed for its twisted plot and crazy cast of characters.

Well wasn’t I surprised and delighted to discover recently that this very manga is in the process of being made into an Anime! With 6 episodes out already, if you haven’t seen it yet – better catch up!


*Sigh* Having just watched the second last episode for the current season of Railgun, I’m left quivering in excitement and anticipation of the final piece of the story.

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