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It’s been quite a while since my last post of any significance, I seem to forget this place exists sometimes. Nevertheless, time for another post – this time about the Dota 2 beta.

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Most of you should be aware of who Miku Hatsune is; the cute, twin-tail android sales character and voice of the synthesizer program Vocaloid2…

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Alright, It’s been decided. I’m going to start a Manga collection and review the ones I read right here. First off the bat is Mirai Nikki a.k.a Future Diary.

I first head about this series only recently, while reading one of Dustin’s posts on Yin no Piano. He was discussing his thoughts on the character Yuno from the series.

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*Sigh* Having just watched the second last episode for the current season of Railgun, I’m left quivering in excitement and anticipation of the final piece of the story.

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